Thursday, 23 January 2014

Using Subclipse with Eclipse and configuring for Google Code

Assuming that you have installed and are using Eclipse.

  1. Go to Eclipse Help menu and click on "Install New Software"
  2. Install Subclipse:
    Add the following site for subclipse
  3. Select both "Subclipse" and "SVNKit" from the names which appear after adding the subclipse link
  4. Click Next, accept conditions and let eclipse download and install subclipse
  5. Now restart Eclipse after the installation
    Subclipse will be ready to use now
  6. Go to "preferences" under the windows menu
  7. Go to "Team" in the left menu and then select "SVN" sub-menu
  8. In the "General SVN Setting" select Team and "SVN" sub-menu
    Select SVNKit (Pure Java)--- in the "SVN interface" drop-down menu
Next step is to connect subclipse with google code

First we have to create a project. Instructions for creating a project can be found on
Creating Project on Google Code

Once a project has been created on the Google Code, Subclipse has to be connected to the project.

  1. Go to Eclipse, Click on "Windows" menu, "Show View" and select "Other"
  2. Select "SVN' and "SVN Repositories" and click OK.
  3. Right Click in the "SVN Repositories" tab and choose "New" - "Repository Location"
  4. "Add SVN Repository" window opens.
  5. Go to the Source tab and under Checkout you will find your svn checkout URL
  6. For the Location URL, give your URL which should be like
  7. In my case the URL is "" for the project which was created in Creating Project on Google Code post. Click Finish after providing the URL
  8. After Finishing you will be asked for the username and the password
    this password can be found on project home page under the SVN tab. Search for the link password
  9. Under the Source -> Checkout, Click the link ( password) and save the generated password.
  10. Now the Subclipse is connected to the Google code
Next Step is to Commit your project code 

Follow instructions for committing code on Google Code project repository. 

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